Return to childhood with the fish shooting game at PHPub

Originally from children’s entertainment centers, the fish shooting game has now become an indispensable part of PHPub, bringing a taste of childhood to all ages. This game offers an extremely entertaining experience, with each game being a rich and diverse ocean world. Each round is an opportunity to showcase skills, keen eyesight, and quick reflexes. If you’re lucky, it’s even more fun. Let’s start exploring this game genre.

The 3D fish shooting game today is inspired by the arcade games

The fish shooting game is one of the most beloved electronic games today. It originates from the classic coin-operated fish shooting arcade machines that many of us have seen in supermarkets or old electronic game centers.

This game draws inspiration from Japanese pachinko machines. In these arcade cabinets, players use balls to score points through a series of obstacles. Similarly, in these games, players aim to shoot bullets at fish to earn points.

Unlike traditional gambling, the fish shooting attracts players with its entertaining nature and does not impose financial competition pressure. Players enter the game not with the aim to make money but primarily to enjoy the thrill of conquering various levels and exploring the unique features of the game.

What’s special is that regardless of the outcome, players never lose completely. They always receive some form of reward, even if it’s just the joy and satisfaction from the experience.

Rediscover childhood magic through the vibrant underwater with 3D games

Today, with the continuous development of technology and the internet, fish shooting games have been transformed into vivid 3D versions that can be played online, allowing players from all over the world to participate anytime, anywhere.

Game developers have tirelessly innovated to make each game more interesting and appealing with beautiful graphics and diverse gameplay. Amidst a myriad of online gambling games, the game stands out as a breath of fresh air, bringing light-hearted, enjoyable entertainment suitable for all ages.

Highlighting the best fish shooting games at PHPub

At PHPub, the list of fish hunt games is constantly updated with engaging and fun titles to meet the diverse entertainment needs of players. A common feature of these games is their adorable, fast, and smooth graphics, providing an excellent experience even when facing challenges in the deep sea. 

Below are some notable fish games at PHPub that you shouldn’t miss:

TP Twoyeah Fishing

This game offers an extraordinary adventure featuring General Guan Yu, a famous historical figure in Chinese history. In TP Twoyeah Fishing, players take on the role of this general, using bullets to fight against enemy forces in underwater battles to seek fortune. 

The combination of historical and mythical elements makes this game creative and suitable for those who appreciate Chinese culture.

TP Chill Fishing

This is an adventure at the bottom of the ocean, where TP Chill Fishing leads players through a colorful and vibrant underwater world. Here, you must hunt various common fish types, and then face sharks to discover hidden treasures. 

The game’s graphics are designed in a chibi style, with whimsical, humorous images that create a cheerful and relaxing atmosphere. Each fish in the game is both a target to pursue and a part of the fun story told through each level.

Each round of the fish shooting game is an opportunity to sharpen your reflexes and accuracy

Monkey King Fishing

Inspired by the character Monkey King from the classic tale “Journey to the West,” this game simulates the Monkey King’s havoc in the Dragon Palace. Players take on the role of the Monkey King, using his skills and strength to battle the shrimp generals and fish army in intense underwater conflicts.

Each level presents a new challenge. You must skillfully use techniques and weapons to defeat enemies and progress further in the game. The game’s graphics are designed in an animated style with lively images and vibrant colors, creating an entertaining and captivating space. Especially, it will be a splendid reward for those who love the Monkey King, a character integral to our childhood.

Dinosaur Tycoon

In this game, players are transported to a dinosaur park where the dinosaurs have escaped and are hiding all over the place. Your task is to hunt these dinosaurs and capture them. However, each dinosaur harbors valuable treasures.

The more dinosaurs you capture, the more opportunities you have to discover and collect treasures. The game’s graphics blend classic and modern elements, with detailed dinosaur images and a vibrant environment, recreating the space of a real dinosaur park.

There are many more games to explore at PHPub. Come and experience them for yourself. These games are a testament to continuous creativity, always providing players with new and exciting experiences.

Revealing 4 secrets to always winning at fish shooting games

As mentioned earlier, fish shooting is primarily for entertainment and stress relief rather than gambling purposes. However, winning and earning rewards can certainly add to the fun. Below are some tips that PHPub would like to share to help you gain more experience and increase your winning odds:

Focus and learn every detail of the game

It’s crucial to focus and thoroughly learn every detail of a specific game. This helps you get accustomed to the game mechanics. It also allows you to explore deeply the different types of fish that appear in the game, from common species to rare or high-value ones. 

During this process, you should study and understand the various types of bullets the game offers. Each bullet type has its characteristics, strengths, and intended use, from bullets that cause significant damage to those designed to catch specific fish. This knowledge will help you choose the most suitable bullet for each type of fish, thereby developing a more effective playing strategy.

Embrace the challenge; the more you play, the better you get

Understand the types of fish and bullets

Being knowledgeable about the different types of fish and bullets helps you plan and allocate resources intelligently, ensuring you maximize the opportunities and points you can achieve in each game. This will gradually build the skills needed to become a skilled player. You can earn valuable rewards from the game while enjoying the fun it offers.

Using alternating ammo, anticipate fish schools to shoot

In fish games, using alternating ammo is a wise strategy. Not all types of bullets are suitable for all types of fish. By switching between different ammo types, you can optimize each shot to best suit the size and speed of various fish species. This helps you save ammo and increases your chances of hitting the target.

Regarding “anticipating fish schools,” you must observe carefully and react swiftly. When you see a new school of fish appear, quickly determine the type of fish and choose the appropriate ammo to shoot. By doing this, you can start attacking as soon as they appear, preventing larger or more valuable fish from escaping your sights.

 Every loss in a fish shooting game teaches something new

Conserve ammo for boss hunts

The strategy of “conserving ammo for boss hunts” is also very important in fish shooting games. Bosses usually appear at the end of each level or after a certain period. They often offer much higher points than regular fish.

Therefore, conserving ammo helps you maintain a good supply for necessary moments and ensures you have enough firepower to face the bosses. This way, you maximize your chances of earning large rewards.

Pursuit strategy for each target

The “pursuit” strategy in fish hunting games requires intense focus and patience. When you select a fish as your target, you must closely follow it and continue shooting until you ensure that the fish is completely taken down.

This means that you need to quickly adapt to the fish’s moving speed and choose the appropriate type of ammo. You may need to adjust the shooting strength or switch ammo types to increase your hit rate, especially with fast and agile fish.

During this process, it is crucial to maintain focus on a specific target and not get distracted by other fish around. This helps you save ammo and avoid wasting it on less valuable targets.

Shooting randomly can lead to lost points and you might run out of ammo when needed. Therefore, maintain your strategy, shoot accurately, and persistently to achieve the highest score from your chosen target.

Challenge yourself to beat your high score each time you play

By applying these tips, you can improve your performance in fish shooting games and enjoy both the challenge and the entertainment they provide. Whether you’re playing for fun or aiming for high scores, these strategies can help you excel and have a great time at PHPub’s gaming platform.


You can learn more tips to win at fish shooting games. Remember to try various games at PHPub and invite others to play, too. We hope you find joy and relive childhood moments with our  game.

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