“Endless PHPub Promotions await You” is not just an enticing invitation but also a chance to explore special offers from PHPub. Aimed at both new and seasoned players, we are proud to present a variety of promotions. Each promotional event is designed not only to enhance your joy as you delve into our diverse gaming world but also to maximize the value of your experience. Join us in discovering and enjoying the limitless benefits these promotions offer.

Download the PHPub app now and receive 50 pesos instantly

To take advantage of our promotion, start by signing up and depositing any amount you choose. Simply open your mobile browser and navigate to PHPUB or download our mobile app directly. 

Download the PHPub app now and receive 50 pesos instantly

Remember, you must use your player ID to log in through the mobile app; this step is crucial to ensure your eligibility for the promotion. Finally, ensure you deposit a minimum of ₱50. This initial deposit is a requirement to unlock the promotional benefits. Join us now and start enjoying the rewards!

PHPub Promotions offers a 100% first-time deposit bonus, up to 200 pesos

New users at PHPub are in for a treat with our generous welcome promotion. When you sign up and make your initial deposit of more than ₱200, we’ll double the value with a 100% bonus, up to a maximum of ₱200. This bonus is your ticket to extra playtime in our thrilling Slot and Fishing games

We want you to enjoy your welcome gift without delay, so we ensure the bonus is credited to your account swiftly, arriving within two hours in the form of a red packet. Do keep in mind that this offer is a one-time opportunity—every player gets a single chance to use this bonus, and it’s specifically tailored for Slot and Fishing games. 

Unlock boundless PHPub Promotions for endless excitement and rewards

In addition to the bonus, the turnover requirement is just 1x, making it easier for you to enjoy your play and any winnings. Dive into the excitement with PHPub Promotions and make your first deposit count!

PHPub Promotions VIP level

At PHPub, the VIP program is designed to reward our most dedicated players with an array of exclusive benefits. The program consists of 24 levels, starting from VIP1 to the pinnacle of luxury, SUPER VIP. 

Each level requires a specific amount of valid bets and accumulated deposits to qualify for an upgrade. For instance, starting at VIP1, a modest 10,000 in valid bets and a 2,000 deposit will grant you access to the program.

Now, let’s break down the VIP promotion into sections for better clarity.

VIP upgrade conditions

To rise through the ranks of PHPub’s VIP levels, two primary conditions must be met: placing valid bets and making accumulated deposits. Starting at VIP1, where 10,000 in valid bets and a deposit of 2,000 is required, each level up to SUPER VIP demands higher bets and deposits, reflecting the commitment of our top players.

Retention conditions

VIP status is maintained by meeting monthly betting requirements. These “retention bets” ensure that VIPs remain active to enjoy their benefits. If the required bets aren’t met, a player’s VIP level will decrease by one.

Bonuses and gifts

Climbing the VIP ladder at PHPub is a rewarding experience. As players elevate from one tier to the next, the bonuses become more substantial. An upgrade from VIP1 to VIP2, for example, nets an 18-point bonus instantly, and on top of that, a 12-point bonus is credited monthly. It’s not just about the play; members also receive birthday gifts, adding a personal touch to the VIP experience.

Level reserve points

Maintaining a VIP status requires accumulating reserve points through valid bets within the month. These points are not just numbers; they’re the key to retaining the coveted VIP status. Should the monthly betting threshold not be met, members face the possibility of moving down a level, keeping the stakes high and the rewards sweet for those who meet their goals.

Terms and conditions

The path to VIP status is paved with every wager, each contributing to your rank. But here’s the catch: reach a new level and fail to sustain the required betting volume for two consecutive months, and the system only grants you the upgrade bonus once. This condition emphasizes consistent play and loyalty to enjoy the full spectrum of VIP benefits.

This VIP promotion is a testament to PHPub Promotions‘ appreciation for its loyal players. By participating, members can truly elevate their gaming experience

PHPub Promotions offers a permanent 1% deposit bonus (extremely hot)

PHPub introduces an enticing promotion for all gaming enthusiasts, featuring a permanent deposit bonus that boosts your playtime and potential wins. As a valued player at PHPub, you are eligible for an uncapped 1.0% bonus on every deposit you make, enhancing your gaming experience with each transaction.

Deposit bonus details

Whenever you make a daily deposit of ₱50 or more, you will receive a bonus of 1.0% of the deposited amount. The more you deposit, the more bonus funds you add to your account. 

For example, if you deposit ₱1,000, PHPub gifts you an additional ₱10 instantly. To withdraw these bonus funds, you need to place a valid bet equivalent to your deposit plus the bonus received; in this case, ₱1,010.

Betting bonus for continued play

Alongside the deposit bonus, PHPub Promotions your betting activity with a Betting Bonus of up to 1.2%. This offer is unlimited, encouraging you to keep playing and keep earning. For Slots, Fishing & Cards games, the bonus is 0.8% for bets up to ₱10,000,000 and increases to 1.2% for higher amounts. 

PHPub gives bonuses for daily logins

For the Live Casino, Cockfight, and Sports betting, you earn a 0.5% bonus for bets up to ₱10,000,000 and 0.8% beyond that. These bonuses are automatically settled to your account balance after the betting payout, ensuring your rewards are received without delay.

Always on promotion

This promotion is not just a one-off event but a permanent fixture at PHPub, always available whenever you decide to deposit and play. It’s a way for PHPub to say ‘thank you’ to its members for their loyalty and to add an extra layer of excitement to the already thrilling gaming experience.

No cap on rewards

What sets this bonus apart is that there is no cap on the rewards you can earn. Whether you’re a casual player or a high roller, your bonus potential is limitless.

By introducing this permanent 1% deposit bonus, PHPub reaffirms its commitment to providing players with generous rewards and a superior gaming experience. Enjoy the depth and variety of games at PHPub and maximize your gaming pleasure with this exceptional offer.

PHPub Promotions gives bonuses for daily logins

PHPub’s daily reward promotion ensures that your dedication to playing Slot, Fishing, and Cards games is always recognized, not just on winning days but every day. The rewards system is structured to provide you with an opportunity to earn a bonus each day, based on the amount of your valid bets. Here’s how it works:

Daily betting rewards

The moment your total valid bets reach or exceed ₱800, you become eligible for a bonus. This bonus starts at ₱8 for ₱800 in bets and scales up progressively with your bet amounts.

Bonus scale

For every additional threshold you cross, the bonus increases. Bet ₱3,000 and get a ₱18 bonus, ₱6,000 in bets earns you ₱28, and so on. This continues up to a ₱6,858 bonus for a bet amount of ₱5,000,000.

Turnover requirement

A simple 1X turnover requirement is applied to all bonuses. This means you must wager an amount equivalent to the bonus received in order to withdraw it, ensuring fair play and the genuine enjoyment of games.

Daily deposit bonuses based on the deposited amount

Automatic bonus crediting

No need for manual claims—bonuses are automatically credited to your account daily at 18:00 PM, allowing for immediate use and enjoyment.

Continuous excitement

The daily rewards system is designed to keep the excitement going every day. As long as you continue to play, you keep earning bonuses, giving you more reasons to come back each day.

This rewarding structure is a testament to PHPub’s commitment to their players, offering a tangible way to enhance the gaming experience daily. Whether you’re trying to extend your playtime, increase your chances of winning, or simply enjoy more games, PHPub’s daily bonuses are here to make every bet count.

Daily deposit bonuses based on the deposited amount

PHPub’s daily deposit reward program offers an attractive incentive for members who actively deposit and play. Here’s an overview of this promotion:

Initial Deposit Requirement

Start by depositing at least ₱1,000 into your PHPub account. This initial deposit sets you on the path to receiving daily rewards.

Daily Betting Turnover

Ensure you have a daily betting turnover of ₱15,000 on SLOT & FISHING games to qualify for the PHPub Promotions daily rewards.

Consistent Login Rewards

Each consecutive day you log in and meet the betting requirements, you’ll be awarded a ₱50 bonus. The rewards don’t stop there; as you continue to log in each day, you unlock additional bonuses.

Increasing Extra Bonuses

From the second day onwards, an extra bonus is added on top of the regular ₱50. This extra bonus increases each day, starting from an additional ₱50 on day 2 to a substantial ₱388 on day 7, totaling up to a potential ₱1,038 in bonuses over a week.

Easy Access to Rewards

To claim your reward, simply log in to your account, navigate to the event section, and the bonus will be there waiting for you.

PHPub’s daily deposit reward is designed to enhance the gaming experience for loyal members who engage with their platform daily, adding a layer of excitement to the routine of logging in and playing your favorite games.

PHPub Promotions offers refunds of up to 8%

PHPub offers a Resurrection Bonus that provides a silver lining to every cloud in the gaming sky. Each day, players who experience losses in Slot, Fishing & Cards games can receive a percentage back as an extra reward, with the potential to receive up to 8% in bonuses, based on the amount lost.

The tiered bonus system starts at a 2% reward for losses of ₱500 or more and increases incrementally with the loss amount. It reaches 3% for ₱2,000 lost, 4% for ₱10,000, and continues to climb, maxing out at an 8% bonus for losses exceeding ₱5,000,000. 

The maximum bonus is unlimited, and the required turnover to claim the bonus is just 1x, ensuring that players can quickly utilize their bonus to get back in the game.

PHPub Promotions offers refunds of up to 8%

All bonuses are processed automatically and will be sent to accounts at 14:00 PM, ensuring players can promptly use their bonus to resume play. This Resurrection Bonus is PHPub’s way of giving players continuous support, offering a helping hand to get back up and keep enjoying the games they love.

Please note the conditions for receiving PHPub Promotions

For eligibility in PHPub promotions, engagement and adherence to specific conditions are paramount. Participation requires active play, depositing funds, and following the established terms of service. 

These typically outline the necessary steps to qualify for promotions and detail the rules for fair play. Importantly, PHPub maintains a strict policy against fraudulent behavior, such as the creation of multiple accounts to exploit promotional benefits. 

Please note the conditions for receiving PHPub Promotions

Any such deception is grounds for immediate and irrevocable account termination. To enjoy PHPub’s offerings, engage honestly, respect the rules, and play responsibly.


To fully grasp the scope of PHPub Promotions, consider exploring them firsthand. Everything is set for your arrival; why hesitate? Embark on the journey, seek out the rewards, and become an active player. Now is the time to dive in and discover what awaits in the world of PHPub.